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Leaving Love All Over The Place - text

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The man who ran the motel
Said we couldn't spend the night there anymore
That it'd take a week to clean the room twenty-three
And put new carpet on the floor.

That we harmed his reputation
And what about the shame and disgrace
But we just never learned to love
Without leaving love all over the place.

The lady asked the rooming house
Served our eviction notice yesterday
While we were pickin' up our cloths
She started screaming somebody's gonna pay.

She said it takes a dozen carpenters
To fix the broken bed and drapes
But we just never learned to love
With out leavin' love all over ther place.

Loving always came to us easy
I know it always will
We don' need nobody to roll us down the other side
When we're over the hill.

The mourners formed a single line
As they filled by to pay their last respect
And they couldn't help but wonder how
Two lovers could break each others neck.

And they wondered why the undertakers
Couldn't take the smiles from off their face
Then a preacher said Dearly beloved
Why that sweet couple they just never learned to love
Without leavin' love all over the place.

No, we never learned to love
Without leavin' love all over the place...

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