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I can run a hundred miles without stopping for rest,
I can stay underwater for 5 minutes on a single breath
When I focus my mind I always reach my goal,
But there's one thing I can not control

I cum too fast,
I cum too fast,
A couple strokes and my er****** is uh thing of the past.

I cum too fast,
I cum too fast,
Sometimes its even game over before I take off my pants.

I've read all the articles and I've tried every trick,
Thinking of sports or of naked Cathy Bates and about smith
If the girl's on top sometimes I'll last a minute or two,
If we doggy style, oh man I'm screwed

I cum too fast,
I cum too fast,
I carry a spare pair of underwear in case a girl sits on my lap.

I cum too fast,
I cum too fast,
I swear I'll even shoot my load if a fly lands on my shaft.

Ohh ohh ohh...
A www .. dammit.

Text přidal Moonblade

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