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I need you Christmas
Friends by the fire to hold
Times have been lonely
And lately I just feel alone
I need you Christmas
Family with nowhere to go
Angels on treetops and angels in the snow
Oh the cold
Seasons Change
Come and go
But thereʼs one thing I know
You’ll just stay the same
You don’t ever change
I miss the feeling
Waiting for Santa to show
Caroling late night
And all the childrenʼs eyes aglow
I need you Christmas
Oh how I miss you the most
Greetings from loved ones
And lovers under mistletoe
If youʼre young
If youʼre old
We all wait to be told
Just a simple phrase
“Have a Merry Christmas”
Seaons change
Come and go
But thereʼs one thing I hope
Youʼll just stay the same
‘Cause I need you Christmas

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