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All That Matters - text

Look at what I've gained, I've earned
Since I've been here on this earth
I've collected everything that was of value and of worth
But there was always something missing inside of me
People that could give to me, I always held in high esteem
And I would stab you in the back to gain popularity
And then You came into my life and I realized
Everything I have is trash
Compared to knowing who You are
Everything is trash compared to knowing You
All that matters is You
Since you came along, I've had to re-evaluate my heart
Then I realized that I was blind from the very start
Because without You there is nothing worth anything
So take my heart and take my soul
Instill in me what matters most
All that matters is You [4x]
Compared to knowing You
Everything is trash
Compared to knowing You
All that matters is You

Text přidal Moonblade

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