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Look at the world we’re living in
War, hate, killing the innocent
Manipulating our brains
We’re just victims of the insane
Poisoned live, unholy decadence
Filling the new with your sick ignorance
Sending our children to war
Tell me what are they dying for
Who’s playing God
Global conflict, this war will never end
Blame it all on misguided religions
Continue your senseless fight
I see no end in sight
East, west following prophesies
Comes to us by radio and TV
Who’s telling the truth
Can’t you see they’re fooling you
Who’s playing God
Nothing but lies is what they’re always speaking
Power and greed is what they’re really seeking
Let’s start a revolution
All of out lines to them,
They don’t mean nothing
Still they survive
They always think of something
Watching out world crumbling down
And from above I don’t hear a sound
Is there time, is there time
Time is short for every race of man
Seize the future, we must make a stand
Stop living their lies
Don’t believe their alibis
Try to change the world before it ends
Global war on the horizon
Why can’t the powers that be
Open their eyes and see
Who’s playing God
Got more than we bargained for
Got more than we bargained for
Got more than we bargained for
Got more than we bargained for
I look in their eyes
I see the lies
There’s no place to hide
Who’s playing God

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