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The Evil Within - text

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Break the circle,
See the master.
Look into his eyes,
Animalistic anger.
Rage burning deep inside.
Never ending nightmares,
It's all you do to see.
As you crawl before him on your knees.
Your soul is cast away,
For all eternity.
It's the evil within,
You burning, twisting, turning.
It's the evil within,
You rising feels like dieing.
Look in the madness with the devil,
Let the dance begin.
His deceptions slowly start to pull you in,
Into the fire where ther is never sympathy.
All that's left for you is beg and plead.
Your soul is cast away,
For all eternity,
It's the evil within...
You burning, twisting, turning,
It's the evil within.
You rising feels like dieing.
The controversial anti-Christ,
Laughing as you pay the price.
Gloating at your final breath,
Weaves his hand, the stage is set.
Death orchestra plays...
Demon's melody.
Devil's symphony...
From the grave.

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