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if you see that fuck nigga take him out
if you see that fuck nigga take him out
if you see that fuck nigga, if you see that fuck nigga
if you see that fuck nigga take him out [2x]

Uh Oh(uh oh)uh oh(uh oh)
it's goin down in this bitch tonight [4x]

we ridin 4 deep in a 84 7 capris [2x]
dressed in all black, 'cause on this nigga we gon creep [2x]
we gotta find this nigga that been shittin on our name [2x]
imma cut the fuck nigga and put salt in his veins [2x]
'cause im a west side nigga that dont really give a fuck [2x]
and i ride with them killaz with them sawed off pumps [2x]
and when we find the fuck nigga we gon strip it like a bitch [2x]
and make sure the bitch nigga aint neva gon snitch
'cause them east side nigga's trigger finger got that itch

[repeat chorus]

we ride 20 west on our way to the [?] [2x]
we got to keep the fuck nigga up off our block [2x]
and if we see them blue lights, hell naw we aint gon stop [2x]
'cause us east side niggaz give a fuck bout a cop [2x]
we gon drive by the house of that nigga girlfriend [2x]
and if we dont find that nigga we get his next of kin [2x]
'cause a nigga fucked up on hen and gin [2x]
there that nigga go, man he bout to meet satan [2x]

[repeat chorus]

eh, eh, eh, come here man
eh, come here playa
you trippin man
them niggaz say you out here talkin bout how you gon get us
what you gon do?
that shit aint gon happen playboy, you know what im talkin bout
man, yous a fuck nigga, man
im tellin you playboy
i got the duct tape
imma tape you and do whateva i wanna do to you, boy
[lots of yelling and talking and fighting with a few phrases like "get crunk"]
put the tape over his mouth

Text přidal Moonblade

We Still Crunk!!

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz texty

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