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If I Had Wings - text


If I had wings I'd fly away from here
Though wherever I land the people would think that I was weird
They'd be like why do you have wings,
did your mom have sex with a bird or something

If I had one wish I'd wish for a thousand more
But that'd probably be against the rules so I'd have to think some more
Then I'd wish for all the supermans powers
So I could fly around
See through all good looking girls taking showers

If ruled the world it'd probably fall apart
Cause I'm not a really organized person and I'm not all that smart
I'd just sitting 'round smoking weed all day
And be like "who the hell put me in charge here anyway?"
I'd be high as fuck

And if I could ask god one question
I'd ask him what's the meaning of life
And he'd probably answer I could tell you
But then I'm gonna have to kill you
And I just say never mind
I'm not that curious
So please don't tell me and please don't kill me

If I had a million dollars how would I spend them
I think giving it to the poor, but then I'd say fuck that shit
And I'd go buy a really expensive pimped up ride
And be like
Yo bitch check out the ribs on my ride
Get in the backseat and I fuck you from behind

If I had wings I fly high in sky
But I would be a weird looking half-bird guy
A regular everyday half-bird guy

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