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Blackbird - text


Are we recording?
I wrote this song last night, and I'm not sure about some of the lyrics, but I'll give it a shot.

John's new girlfriend is a cunt
I don't know what he sees in that bitch
She'll ruin our lives
This bands gonna break up if that whore does not die

John's got to stop taking LSD
It's making him think she's a 10, really she's a 3.
What the fuck?
Looks like her face got ran over by a truck

Dump that bitch
Dump that bitch
And stop being a motherfucking dick

Ringo won't shut the fuck up
And George keeps writing stupid fucking songs
That's my job
I'm the musical genius, they can all just suck my nuts

Suck my nuts
Suck my nuts
And while you're down there, suck my cock

Fuck this shit, I've got a plan
Linda and I will start our own band
And call it Metallica
Metallica, yeah, that is a good name for a band

I'll have to run that name by Linda

Our new band Metallica is going to be super sick
If Linda ever dies, I'll marry a one-legged bitch
And then divorce her six years later
'Cause she was such a fucking bitch

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