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Boy brand - text


Mid-life is tough babe, the end is nigh,
I've seen boy bands come and go,
Yeah, The wife read "Fifty shades of grey"
'Cause I couldn't please,
She left me like that, no strings attached,
Every little thing I do, never seems to pull me through,
Depression made my marriage break up,
And my Porsche won't make love,
Never got my G.E.D, or a guest spot on glee,
Since I turned forty three.

You're insecure, feel like a bore,
I've got a hunch we know what you'll adore,
It's time to seize, with one disease,
We'll burn you up hotter then 98 degrees,
Cold corporate suits in a room can smell it,
Simon says we're brand new,
A horde of girls threw my date down and empty well,
After they threatened to drown me in styling gel,
This bands been grown from the help of my cloning cells,
They all know Oh oh
They all know were beautiful,
Songs manufactured so carefully,
Flip of my hair, I cure cancer and heart disease,
Me me me me me me me me me, us, me me,
We all know, Oh oh
We all know we're beautiful,
That's what makes you buy our shhhh.

I got so old,
Just Rollin' in, mickey gold.
But I lost control,
And I'm ready to smoke a bowl.
Big Disney's diggin' for treasure,
Took my youth as a financial endeavor,
But my pure fingers ready for pleasure,
So I'm breaking up with you Disney,
And lightin' up with team Miley.

Your one desire,
Make us retire,
Don't care how hard you pray,
Backstreet is here to stay.
Sex appeal,
It's our sixth or seventh comeback,
Buns of steal,
One guy still has a six pack,
Let's get real,
Calling milf's and Tyler Oakley,
Backstreet is here to stay.
Your mom, your mom, your mom, your mom,
Our demographic
In this consumer market,
Your mom is our target, For our boy band buffet,
'Cause backstreet is here to stay,
Yeah, boy bands are here to stay.

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