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Ladies and gentlemans
Home boys and girls
Let me introduce my self
My name is Jolly Joker, J.J. Oker
And these are my Plastic Beatles of the Universe
You are asking me why Jolly Joker
You are asking me why Plastic Beatles
And Im asking how did you slept
If you slept well im glad to hear that
And if you slept bad…..oh it too bad

First my catching your attention
You wont get much of my information
I dont have much experience with life of Beatles
But ive dont think i have chaose badly
Lady Bug plays drums
Little Black Head Plays the Guitar
Eine kleine nacht musik
Eine kleine magic night

Look at my head
Half is yellow, half is black

Im Jolly Joker and these are my Plastic Beatles
There isn’t anything more magical
Than music of Plastic Beatles of the Universe olala
There isn’t anything more free
Than Jolly Joker
There anything more stupid
Than rock n roll
Sometimes I take my base
Remembering rokoko
In my last life when we
Compose a fresh song

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