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Jumping trains - text



We keep chugging along
On a road to nowhere
Nobody´s out there
I´m not even here anymore
You´re kinda boring me...

You got stuck in your comfort zone
And it makes me so uncomfortable
And it´s not my fault
That you´re glued to your seat
I´m sorry...

Our love fell off the track
Couse you just hold me back
Baby,your heart is just too strange
I can´t just be your girl
I need to see the world
If that´s something you can´t arrange
Then I´ll be jumping trains!

(I´ll be jumping,I´ll be jumping)
(I´ll be jumping,I´ll be jumping)
I´ll be jumping trains

Last time we went out
I remember snowflakes on the ground
But now,I look outside
On the sunny fields of green (ohh)
And I hope for the freedom,
That I once had with the wind in my hair
And my life on track
Getting cabin fever
I just need the chance to run around...


Mr.Conductor can you,stop this train right now
Couse, if I stay here with him
My life will just slow down
And a girl like just needs to be free


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