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The same sound but a different vibration
Still see myself reflecting in your eyes
I can't go without you there where I'm supposed to be
'cause we both there's so much space if I'm all alone in here
It feels so right
to stand on the top of the world
but this time I'm falling down
my vision seems to be a little blurred
I need you now
I need you now
The same sound isn't good enough
I don't blame you, I hear it too, the noise we want to stop
Use your mind to tell your heart that screaming is allowed
'Cause we both know what it means,
what it's all about
This place's so cold
This place's so cold
Even if the sun is shining
This place is cold
This place's so cold
Once time goes by you never get it back
Whisper goodbye while the room is turning pitch black

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