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Try Understanding His Heart - text


So many memories, they color what you see
Try to forget, but they don't go away
Keep searching for escape
Some move that you can make
To help you make it through just one more day
Why do you try to make it all on your own?
Why can't you understand you're never alone?

Try understanding His heart
His love for you, it is never ending
Try understanding His heart
IT has for you enough mercy, grace
And strength for you to face it all
Understand His heart

You know you've made mistakes, you said it's way too late
Think now that no one cares, all your bridges are burned
Don't listen to those lies
Don't have to compromise
It's time you realize, there's so much to learn
Don't let your circumstances dictate the show
There is a better way
This you should know


With Him there is a strength to carry on
He paid the price, He sacrificed
His love is there for you
He wants to help you through

Now what you gonna do?
You know it's up to you
He wants to take command
And He's up for the fight
Don't try to run away
He has so much to say
It's what you need to hear
It'll change your life!


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