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The Gift (Dorla's Song) - text


We were kids, we were young
She was pretty, I was dumb – new love
Through the years, good and bad
Never knew just what I had – true love
Busy chasing all my selfish dreams
She saw something else I couldn't see

She picks me up when I fall apart
She's the only fire that warms my heart
It’s a blessing every day I get to see her face
I could never ever ask for more than this
She is such a gift
Thank you for the gift

Facing fears every day
She always knows just what to say – with love
Finding faith, hand in hand
She makes me a better man – through love
In a world where trust is hard to find
Can't believe I get to call her mine

(repeat chorus)

I could thank You for so many things
The life I've lived, the things I've seen
But if I had to choose I'd throw it all away
‘Cause the greatest gift You've given me
Is standing right in front of me
She's the answer to every prayer I've ever prayed

(repeat chorus)

She is such a gift
Lord, thank you for the gift

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