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Welcome to the planet, son
It’s your life, it’s just begun
On this road you must decide
Walk in faith but compromise

Watch the world, spinning round
What's your legacy?
Live it loud
Like a fire, deep inside
That won't be contained
Live it loud
Live it loud

Life's bigger when you come unbound
Say good-bye to all the hesitation
Live it loud

Lost yesterday but now you’re found
Now the only thing you have to do is
Live it loud

This world's spinning round and round
Think about your legacy don’t you want to
Live it loud

Check your line of latitude
Don't forget the Golden Rule
Words may come to steal your joy
Love speaks louder than the noise

(repeat chorus, rap)

One light leads you
His word guides you
Guides you on
This world needs you
Let love lead you
Lead you on
When you’re standing at the doorway
What will you choose?
Listen to her wisdom – she will not let you lose

(repeat chorus, rap)

More than words, screaming out
On your megaphone

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The Greater Cause

John Schlitt texty

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