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Keep Your Light On - text


What ya gonna do? This life is passing by you
Tomorrow has no promise has no certain guarantee
And what ya gonna say? Throw carpe diem away
The moment now is turned around and then it’s history

Step out of the dark and be the one to light the way
Right now is for real

Forget about the worries of tomorrow
Today is given so much living to be done
Play the moment now the rest will follow
‘Cause nothing’s better
Than living with your light on

You’re weaker in the knee
You’re givin’ in too easy
The worry that you bear is not the way it’s meant to be
There’s nothing like today
To give your burdens away
You’re waiting there, you’re unaware how better it could be

It’s when you find the light, you find you’re on your knees
That’s when it’s real

(repeat chorus)

A little hope a little love divine
Gonna make it to the end
Gonna be all right
In the dark, in the lonely night
You better leave your light on

(repeat chorus x 2)

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