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Somehow, somewhere along the way, I find myself in outer space
Without a line to bring me in
And when I’m lookin’ down below, the fear begins to grow
Seeing just how far I went
So I call Your name, I’m so far away
And then You’re there beside me

Your love pulls me to the ground
Brings me back around
When I want to fly away
Your love is big enough
Mercy’s strong enough
You are my gravity

Another day another night, drifting like a satellite
It’s a view that never ends
When it’s time to come back down, put my feet on solid ground
You’re the light that guides me in
Light of the world, shine bright on me
Make me what I need to be

(repeat chorus)

And the closer I get, the clearer I see
Your mercy’s unending
So pull me in close, would You whisper to me
“There’s no need to worry”
Light of the world, shine down on me

(repeat chorus x 2)

When I want to fly away
You are my gravity
Your love is big enough, strong enough
You are my gravity

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The Grafting

John Schlitt texty

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