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Carry The Burden - text


Life, it's a race that keeps running
At each turn of the road
The direction to go you keep learning
At every junction there's another call
To make decisions that could change it all
Too many options to go alone
But you don't have to do it on your own
If you . . .

Let Jesus carry the burden
And remember His words that were spoken
Let Jesus carry the burden
Trusting in the price of the sacrifice
Shed for you

Are you a leader with a strong belief
Or are you one more in the crowd?
Do you live like you do 'cause your friends want you to
Or do you choose to stand out?
Don't let the pressures of the status quo
Force your walk into a danger zone
Cut through the bondage
Give Him the time
To guide your path to be a light that shines
If you . . .


When a problem you face starts to break you
If you lift it in prayer
Together you'll get through
Yes, He's faithful to always be there

No need to worry
You're not alone
Don't have to try to do it on your own
Just . . .

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