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When it gets dark, I hear your call
You always come when no one's around at all
Whispering your poison, burning my brain
Separating me from you, driving me insane
You always know, the right words to say
Sitting over my shoulder, trying to navigate
Get the hell out my mind,
no I don't got no time
You're making it hard to think
You ain't no trusty navigator
Just a hungry alligator
Trying to hold me down and make me sink
And I say you're free and I want you to go
Yeah you're free now,
so get the hell out my door
Without me now
And all that's come has been in spite of you
Those lies you spit, I fight 'em all so they don't come true
And I found out everything I know,
has been one big fat old lie
And I ain't just on no treadmill,
I've been taken for a goddamn ride
I say you're free and I want you to know
Yeah you're free now, get the hell out my door
Yeah you're free, best be going home
Yeah you're free now
And alone I'm gonna roam without you now
Little man in red with the thorns on your head
Sitting on my shoulder
Trying to heavy my load as
I'm walking down the road
Like a fifty thousand pound boulder
Saying listen to me boy, nothing's for free
It's just fear around every corner

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