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Paper Trail$ - text


Money ain't a thing if I got it (x2)

Before the money, there was love
But before the money, it was tough
Then came the money through a plug
It's a shame this ain't enough

[Verse 1]
Yo, sitting back plotting, jotting information on my nation
Really started from the bottom, boy cotton
But they still planting plantations, we keep buying in
Closed-minded men
Pride is higher than the prices on your Pradas and
Balenciagas, balance my saga with the henny aqua
Me and my niggas tryna eat, you pussies empanada
The flow like plenty lava
With just a penny I could multiply my worth
And make you work for me for twenty hours
I swear these niggas love to copy, thanks for listening
This kid ain't been the same
Since Biggie smacked me at my christening
Watch what you dishing and please play it safe
Cause your position on the top is switching right in front your face
Rock you outta space with rhymes, I'm bustin' out
Keep ducking down, got some missiles now, headed for your house
So put the pistols down, got that red dot on your nose
Who put the clown I lock, jaws like a blue nose, foes
Keep your mouth closed or you can see the solar
I got connections that guaranteed to see closed doors
You hear that underground sonar
The way I flows then switch them
The Pros been on a mission
Listen enter the chamber, get hyperbolic
They raisin' Macs, I raise steaks to keep them brolic
My visions is macrocosmic, pass the chronic
The mastered sonics is light years above your conscious
You're novice, but I got notes that strike nerves
I promise your minds ain't sharp like my swords
So cut the BS, and don't worry where my jeans is
And PS: Your bitch a genius, learned from my penis
I got dreams selling arenas and breaking brackets
Tenants racket, while I'm cracking a Serena
God damn, God bless the heaven that sent you
But now I'm breezing out, baby, cause my rent's due

[Verse 2 (DJ Premier cuts)]
Shit is really real out here
I said shit is really real out here (It ain't easy)
Just trying to get a deal out here
(Money ain't a thing if I got it)
Yo, I'm screaming cream
Who fucking with the rap supreme?
Joey Bad and Big Preem came to collect the green
I got a dollar and a dream, know what I mean?
And I gotta get my mama off the scene (x2)
(Joey Badass) cause
Cash ruined everything around me (x3)
(Won’t sign to no major if no wager) (money ain't a thing)
They say money is the root of all evil
I see money as the route of all people
Cause we all follow paper trails, paper trails
And everybody gotta pay their bills, pay their bills (x2)
(It ain't easy)
It's the dollar dollar bill, y'all
It's the dollar dollar bill, it's the dollar bill that kills, y'all (x4)

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Joey Bada$$ texty

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