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[Intro: Joey BadA$$]
Check it, word word
What's the word word
Yeah, check!
[Joey BadA$$]
Just got word from my mans on the island, he said he needed guidance
Niggas on the streets is wilding, he look to God but can't find him
So he demand silence from the glaring sirens
The sympathy symphony, only thing playing is the banned violence
No lying niggas just won't let go the iron
They wanna burn your molecules until you let go ions
Treat beef like they let go lions
So don't eye 'em they get the wrong message, wrong methods
Put you on that long stretcher
Too much pressure God bless ya when the semi wet'cha
They told me "more dress-up" I'm giving too many lectures
And I'm putting in too many effort in my nouns and verbs
Like "they gon' catch up" fuck what you must heard!
But I done puffed enough herb
To be listening to young birds and dumb nerds
I got enough shit on my mind
So I don't need to be stressing and shine, it's fine
[Ref: Joey BadA$$]
One day I'm trying have a wife and kids
So I just can't live my life like this
And I ain't trying to learn what lifeless is
So I just can't live my life like this
I want the gold chains and diamond rings
But I just can't live my life like this
And sometimes I just wanna light this spliff
But I just can't live my life like this
[CJ Fly]
Just got a collect call from up top
My cousin called me and what not
The motto never changed it’s still fuck cops
We went from having lunch in our lunchbox
Our lungs was hot whenever we'd puff pot
We'd touch blocks and end up having to duck shots
But fuck dat, ain’t trying live that life no more
My mind corrupted but my heart is still pure
Gotta be brave can’t be afraid
Braids and waves never matter when you catch the fade
Trapped in a maze and your faith is your only escape
Fuck a priest’s opinion, knock the hinges off of Heaven’s gates
Trying to share my cells with my mate, not share a cell with mates
Wrecking shit with my recklessness
The L get lit that’s when I start second guessing shit
Thinking ‘bout Ty and then I reminisce
What you thought you niggas could’ve fuck me over
Never nigga guess again
I’m street so cross me like pedestrians
And that’s gon' be the end of it, straight revoking your membership
[Joey BadA$$]
Niggas wanna know what I’m about
I’m bout blowing loud on the block sporty
Glock 40 in a politician mouth
I take the competition out, commission wit' my composition
Who the kid spitting behind the bars like a con position
Gotta give ‘em time to listen
They’ll soon bump to it they’ll like me
I kick it like Nike they’ll soon adjust to it
But if you hate I know you must do it
I ain’t mad at you I keep my attitude on "screw it a million bucks should do it"
I’m out for presidents to represent me
Yo chick keep messaging me, who the bestest MC? They be mentioning me
Too hot, I be molesting the beat, fuck math
Teachers should teach us to get Smith & Wesson’s off the street
So first class be a lesson for me
Fuck what you teaching for some regents, I'm flying over regions
Reaching, all time highs where Jesus can’t reach us
Step to me and get the recipe to make you rest in peace
This is for my niggas, killers, hundred dollar billers
On the block in the rock spot, Glock cocked watching out for cops
All about their cheddar, young guns know nothing that’s better
Like fuck a prison letter, those Beretta’s led us to the lettuce
Relish fetishes, menaces want the senator’s percentages
If you ain't prejudice you still a nemesis
Smoking on the Clematis, get open like a present is
Now your presence is on the premises for them presidents
My city be the genesis for where they think the terror is
They linking terrorists from the Stuy then Lincoln Terraces
Stay on that reckless shit, they leave you left for the dead
Kids don’t play they’ll erase your head in a race for the bread
Children on the corners slinging some regs, popping some meds
Jakes be so deep in cover they be chasing the feds
I be back stage gripping haze breaking my leg
My folks was making the best when they was naked in bed, muthafucka


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