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Don't Front feat. CJ Fly - text


Yo, what's the word word
Pass the herbs
Pass the herbs, pass the herbs
Had to learn, had to learn (had To learn)
We just had to burn

[Joey Bada$$]
It all started with this special herb
Then after that it came to se**** words
I'm meeting shorty up to patch her a verse
She played body and I collide with a vibe when I'm inside the walls
I cut my shorties on the side cause I decide that she all
Mine's, I keep her in my eyes at all times
Not because I don't trust her I just, can't get enough of her
On the phone late until her mom dukes be cussing her
She played the hustler and I'm like mad customers
Man swear I'm in love and ain't afraid to admit it
Be blowing up her line, man I swear I'm addicted, but
It's all cool cause when in love we all fools
They say men lie and women lay naked that's all foolin'
Numbers don't matter after the first night
Right, so what the fuck is love at the first sight
If you ask me, another stupid analogy
Made to cover flaws in the female anatomy

But I'm a keep gradually telling these bitches
Don't front, (don't front), don't front, (don't front)
Don't front, (don- don't front), don't front though
I got some weed and some fronto
(Don't front)
And you know I always hunt hoes
I tell 'em leave but don't walk through the front door
Now don't front, (don't front), don't front, (don't front)
Check, (don- don- don't front)

[CJ Fly]
It's like a massacre when mass occur
I got a massive urge but I had to learn
Heard you had it on lock so I pass the word
I stash the herb, sit back observe
That she make me feel good is all I ask of her
In the clouds who would've known, We would've crash and burn
I prayed long and hard, hoping things will last with her
I ain't mad at her
But I really wish that it ain't have to hurt
Let's be blunt we're best buds
Both knew our role this is more than just a crush
I used to pick her up long before our lips to touch
But now I rarely even see her
In everybody hood not even the law enforcement can keep up
She ain't want no one to know, so I kept it on the low
Any time that we would kick it, I make sure I had some toe
I thought I knew her better than anyone would know
Bagged her at her friends, but home were I would take her
Didn't know that she was a ho, that only wanted my paper
Whenever I was with her, my mind would just relax
Could've been the hot topic cause I swore we were a match and
I admit it girl you fine as hell
Don't know your perfume but you exert the finest smells
You tryna find her then follow her trail
She left a few old lovers inside of a jail
That's all a part of the tale


[Joey Bada$$]
Hey yo don't tell me be patient with no doctor prescription
Emotionless positions and provocative visions
Should've known you missed a note like the octave was switching
Remember hate the game [is responsible glitches?]
It's a simulation yeah, stimulation
Take off your shirt, let me feel manipulated
My heart like the Himalayas but yeah I got a slay her
I'm crushing on you sweetheart but yeah I'm a player
Sort of like Isaiah so baby let me coach you
And I know I'm not the first jerk to approach you
So this ain't nothing new to you, nothing unusual
Nothing you ain't used to so my nothing is useable

[CJ Fly]
We all try when you go bye, we all high
Truth is I'm never home and I'm cold if that's where the heart lies
So label me as heartless, it's not that I don't care
I just learned to use my heart less, gain sanity and lost stress
It put me in a state that just started taking a toll on me
Kept the secrets you told me, emotions I would hold beneath
Always kept the L so I know defeat
Said everything will feel much better soon as you know I leave
Not sure if it's the meds that made you think I'm mediocre
I was still body with a glove on, you know I'm a cold ma
I'm in animal pause, but you got an Ark
When it flooded, used to always feel like Noah

[Joey Bada$$]
And I know I know her
Had these kind of skills I had to show her
So I told her I'm the nigga she see on the posters
Came back through and I put it in the holster
Just had to teach her one time
Put it down, don't really give a fuck though
Don't front
And tell your bitch don't front though
Don't front

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Joey Bada$$ texty

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