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I stepped off at the plane at LAX
My limo never came so I left with you instead
You said you never saw the sea so we headed West
We ran across the sand 'til our clothes were soaking wet

And the waves tore us to shreds
As the sun began to set
We couldn't have cared less

As they all disappeared [x2]

So I carved both of our names into my pale white chest
Asked you to do the same, seemed a reasonable request
I nearly lost it when you said yes

The court house wouldn't do
It was a crowded mess
So we took a thousand [?] on the haunted mansion steps

As the light parade commenced
It left the calm in us content
But we couldn't have cared less

Into thin air
We take our time and pay no mind

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

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