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I'm In Here. - text


I'm in here
Can anybody see me?
Can anybody hear?

[Kyle Lucas]
I'm in here, can you hear me screaming?
Can you hear, I think I need it
My voices in my head just keep on feeling so I feed em'
Now the code ain't got me leading
These hoes just keep on leaving
Leaving a hole inside my v-neck about the radius of phoenix
Now I'm puffing Arizona, rolling up two J's like I'm Demon
Demonic to the meanest shit, I'm hot just like my region
I've been sent to murder beats, I got these whack rappers grieving
Now they calling me a monster, okay bitch we ain't agreeing
Just a diabolic pot head, the product of hydroponics
I'm possibly psychotic, the partialist of my problems
God I'm shaking like it's parkasins
With fire like an arsonist
A narcissist? Not really, because really these chicks are on my dick
She blew on my harmonica sorta like she was Monica Lewinsky on her knees
Until I bust her like a tommy gun
All this chronic's really just anonymous with all this fun
I'm a fucking pop star with hot bars all in one

I'm in here
Can anybody see me?
Can anybody hear?

Can anybody hear me?
Yo, I'm in here
Poison is bent
Venomous I am a gentleman
Up in your skirt like women's tennis at Wimbledon
Half of you are the simpleton type
Hyping your chest up, asking for my number
You can 1-800 get fucked
Collect dust, you busted, you'll never humble me
Phone buzzing in my yellow jacket, I am the bumble bee
Skinny jeans on, don't be afraid of the future
I see a lot of snakes here, like I'm getting head from Medusa
Yeah, I'm in here, come in, comment on the mic
Steady ready for drama the yeah, we're alike
German engineering, I'm unsafe, any speed
Your rap's got no legs, call me the centipede
I don't even know if you're ready for me
I'm a murderous mad man in a straight sweater the haunts Freddy's dream
I'm on anything, Kyle stood in my way
You're peanut butter and jelly, so bad end to your day

I'm in here
Can anybody see me?
Can anybody hear?

[Syd Vicious]
Yeah I'm in here
Flow tighter then women's swim wear
We run rap, nigga
We've done that and been there
I'm limitless, with no little pill
So nigga chill
Fells like I gotta have niggas killed
To get a deal, with the skill, I want the scrilla in the phoebus
Don't cooperate I make my killers come and see ya
They so cold they keep their non-milles in the freezer
I run with a pack of gorillas like I was ceaser
Busting in wherever you stay fighting
Kicking the fucking doors in like the U.K riots
Duct tape around your mouth, making you stay quite
They started swinging and robing like the was Bruce Wyane's side kick
No batman will be stack grams from rap jams
They're getting ghost, pat scram, I'm Pacman
All my dogs crazy, they need kat scans
Going peanuts for that bread until the mat jams

I'm in here
Can anybody see me?
Can anybody hear?

[Spoken In Background]
At the feet of every enemy, sin will be defeated, death will be defeated, pal will be defeated, the devil that is strong will be filed down.

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