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Sleep of the Righteous - text

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The rush of fear to even sleep
With just a thread of hope I have
What if I simply let it in
Or clench my jaws and take the blow?
As I lay I slowly fade away
Into a place of inevitability
And why is it happening to me?
I'm full of life but I can't breathe
It appears from the darkness
My body burns in its presence
As I softly sink into the dream
The door has opened, I can't resist
A candle placed upon a bedroom table
The storm outside defies to stop
The room grows colder in its presеnce
I'm not your fire, let mе burn
Let me burn
I see its shadow, the blackest black
The widest grin from ear to ear
I see its tail like a snake
I feel two palms upon my back
Visions spark before my eyes
Like a forest flame
I am ready to confess in every crime
I never did
And why is it happening to me?
I'm full of life but I cannot breathe
Scream and shout, don't want to sound
My body lost its structure
I swear I'll start to believe in God
If he could give me rapture
The lifelong terror, half-time dream
Eternal minutes feel surreal
I plead my savior to release me
The savior I call will
What has just happened to me?
I was dragged to hell, but now I'm free

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