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Touch The Sky - text


Say something

Yo check, ain't no surprise in me
Everything looks good as far as I can see
In this world no such thing as rise for free
I'm 'bout to take it as far as the eyes can see
And beyond, feelin' like I never got on
18 again and I just left home
Used to get by on my high school charm
Before I was hot they said I was lukewarm
Time to double check, with my monitor
Temperature risin' like a shiner does
Chased little bit of fame, had a mindin' buzz
Never quite sure what my persona was
Yet they still felt they need to judge
It's all good, I ain't one to hold a grudge
Didn't then, so why would I now?
I'm sayin' hate is just not my style
Back the challenge is what children do
In fact I would much rather bear with you
Near a decade ago since I first came through
All I ever did was keep it real with you
I been lucky or should I say blessed, yes
You will hardly find me stress
Seen my fair share of challenge in times
I thank God for givin' me the talent to shine
Even when I did make mistakes
You still managed to forgive with Amazing Grace
Just when I thought Hope disappeared
You pulled me out the pins, it's Crystal Clear
All I'm here to do is serve you
I was gone, now I'm much at home like I missed curfew
Started as a boy, then shaped to a man
I just wanna tell 'em how grateful I am
Like an orphan who just got adopted
A homeless man who finds a 20 in his pocket
Like Kanye when he climbed out that jeep
In the studio when he cooked up this beat
It's only right, I surrend it to you
My life is yours, Lord do what You do
You're the Truth, everything else is just a lie
Let the beat drop so I can touch the sky

I said touch the sky
Say something
Say something

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