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I Will Find You - text


When you're lost and eyes are blind, too
I will find you, I will find you

Streetlight is burning through your window
Silence building to crescendo
Walls are closin' in
Just like an hourglass the hours pass
The clock is blinking 12 am
It's reminiscent of a life, repetition
Always wishin' you could start again
You've been so far, so lost for so long
Listen and hear my love song

When you're lost and eyes are blind, too
I will find you, I will find you
Soon the stars will start to shine through
I will find you, I will find you
There ain't no stoppin' me now
It's just a matter of how
My voice calls, my hands stretch out
And well, let me remind you: one day I will find you

You thought there's something that could save you
Like it's waiting to be found, found, found
If you could just get your hands on it,
You want it, and it would turn your life around, round, round
Now you're working up a sweat to get it
But what you thought was copacetic let you down, down, down, down
It's a new day on the horizon
Ready or not, here I come

I recall being lost and empty
Wishin' for another life to come and get me
Dark days waitin' for the sun to hit me
They tell me quit hopin' and I say don't tempt me
Lookin' for a hope in a pretty face, any day, any place
Gotta be better than what I'm livin' in
What a cruel joke that this world plays
Never said there's another ocean that I could be swimmin' in
So I'm done bein' trapped and lonely
Found a new life and I scrapped the old me
Made a scrapbook called a testimony
If you knew me, the new me is how you know me
Tell them false hopes don't call or phone me
Tell hollywood that I know she's phony
I was once lost, now I'm found
I couldn't look up, but god looked down

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