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Before And After - text


I said you gotta leave, you gotta promise me
It's the beginning of my end, you gotta promise me
How can a holy God renew a wicked Pharisee
I'm saying I'm like Peter in the boat, so just depart from me
It seems I'm destined for doom like ancient prophesy
And in the dark I'm consumed, it's just too much for me
With sin in full bloom, my gloom booms by the full moon
And I'm thinking to myself, 'how can You rescue me?'

My before and after
I can't but sing
My before and after
I'll sing praises to my King
My before and after
Here's the anthem, let it ring
One love, two arms, three scars
Draw us to where You are
No one is too far for You to save a heart

Then in the darkness of this room, You snuck up next to me
You put your hand upon my wound and whispered 'rest in me'
And there I stepped out of the tomb and into destiny
The rest they say is history
Your grace is such a mystery


I got a name change
And that's the strange thing
'Cause I was once stained
But now I'm called saint


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