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Half Life Crisis - text


I know you think the sun is shining
And I hate to let you down, so
I’ll just say “Please watch your head”
Cause you don’t wanna admit
You’re not as tall as before

If you think your glass is half full
Might be best for you to take off now
Cause the half that remains
Is little more than a stain
That sticks to you like a shroud

Now that should start you a-wonderin'
How it looks to somebody dense
It's never occurred to you before
And a little late to bring it up

If you stop to think about it
Might be time to cash in your chips, cause
You can tell from your face
That you're a charity case
And your debt is pilin' up

It's easy when you were floating
Above everybody for years
You can't breathe in that air
If there's nobody there
To gaze at you from below

We'll drop in and drop out

People drop in and drop out of your sight
And that’s what you call a radical life

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