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I told you fuck niggas proceed with precaution
Everybody in here's a target
Even your girlfriend, watch me aim with my sausage
Unload the clip then reload the monster
Inhale the ganja, wack emcees get to the back
They tried to step to the mack, and they got jacked
Rolling through the east looking for the man with the pack
Not Pac-man, the damn cornerback, fucking goofies
Kinda sorta, finna Kama Sutra with your boo-ski
Only if its Tuesday, she might be in love, only in the movies
She only prolly want me cause of the diamonds and the rubies
Overseas in the jacuzzi, eating pussy, I fucked her, what a doozy
I tell the coach put a nigga in, let me spin like I'm Poopie
Miles Davis
I'll play the drum to your heart, even the bongo
Hit the bong slow, now I'm Dumbo
A hit is what you want, no
A hit is what you don't know
It's hitting what you
Yo, dikky di dikki di dikky da
Yo, I tell you the rest on the day that we die
Yo, dikky di dikky di dikky dikkity da
And I'll tell you the rest on the day that we die

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