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T.U.G. for the trucks


Sometimes I feel so unsure, thinking my baby don't love me no more
And that's when I get to trippin,
Accuse him of things that are all in my head
I don't want to feel insecure, but saying it ain't enough
Show me what's up, some kind of token of love
It don't have to cost that much
Make me blush
And slide one on my finger

If you buy me a promise ring I'll give you my everything
Yes or No boy don't you say maybe come be my baby and I'll be your girl
Promise Ring or Jacob watch that's the way to win my heart
I'm hanging on & you're making me crazy come be my baby and I'll be your girl

Lately I don't know the deal
I need something a young girl can feel
When its not what it seems to a girl like me
It's the simple things that mean more than a house on a hill
You'll bring me peace of mind, with something that shines
I feel like forever your dime
Check yes to love letter for one step better
So it feels like forever your mine baby

After my birthday, the rose withers away
After valentine, sometimes your heart ain't mine
After Christmas, when every gift is unwrapped I still need a little more than that.


Platinum, gold, or silver baby I don't really mind
Cause only love can make it shine
Let's make this official, don't you think its about time
For us to take it there be the perfect pair
Cause I wanna be by your side


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