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You call me to the site of a great divide
It always seems
You can't be turnin' round once you choose to ride
That's how it seems
Do you recall
Dancing as a child like a figurine?
With your deep soul
Fingering your mouth in the moonbeams
You know it's alright now
I'll keep you rosebud of the morn
And all residue
So keep rolling forward
Because you loved me
Your words linger on
Oh no, don't go so eager
Don't walk into the sun
You're looking round, looking good
Looking just how it should
Heart of gold, lock it tight
Everything else left behind
On titans' motorbikes
And I feel it in the way she walk
I hold on through the night
I need a limit
Even in the way she walk
And all the way sitting on the window
All the way, sitting on the sideline
On the side of your line
And all the way, sitting on the window
All the way, sitting on the pane
Will the same old sorrow still be tomorrow?
Still be tomorrow
Oh, my sweet friend
On whom I could call and depend
All of my sweet friends
Gone into horizons
Well it's alright now
I'll keep you, rosebud of the morning
Baby, and all residue

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