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Mace Spray - text


There's a place in the town, a statue,
She'd make me wait beneath,
But its magnificent archways, archways,
That's where I'd go to weep.

I'm right up onto the counter;
Showgirl, perfect the slow body-roll.
And breakaway from the anger, oh, hoe,
Just got to let it all go,

But she loves me
More than anyone who wouldn't lay a hand.
She keeps mace spray,
For you can't rely on the common man.

That night up under the starlight,
Holly, you call, 'the great blistering blue,'
A strange formation came down from the ceiling,
And it began to move.

And so the shattering shards of glass fell,
And glistened this way and that,
But she would say I won't find my way through the plaster;
I'm an empty hourglass in the sand,

But she loves me,
More than anyone who wouldn't speak like that.
She keeps mace spray,
For you can't rely on the common man.

But it is alright,
Here in the time and the place I am,
You leave a light on all night,
Just to remind of the place I am.

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