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You see this writing on the wall
Oh, angel, you see this curtain fall
Good times seem so far away
Just a memory, old and grey
And there was no one like you
You rip apart the clouds in all my days
Others all fade away
On this long highway
Long highway
Long highway
And you may find your place to run to
In winter frosts, your bed to climb to
But I have seen down deep inside you
They won't love you quite like I do
Look around, something real
Touch something you can feel
I found my dreams were ordinary
Let me turn to sand
Still will be waiting for you
Still, it will be there
In the colour of rose in the sky
In the ever-steady glow of your eye
Let it all fade away
Long highway
Long highway
I'm on my way
So, looking back
You with your hands on your face
Did I drift into your mind?
Did I find a place?
All that we had here,
Did it happen everyday?
Long highway
When I call your name
You stand before me
Hear me roar
Hear me roar

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