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What a simple want
To be free of god
A finger on your own creation
Queen told me to eat of kerosene
I must be real for the nation
Shortie, go by
Should you ever touch the sky
There's no need to cry "deep wide ocean"
Any more now
You should know the score
Of my hidden war
I'm fighting on
But it's all about you
I follow in the space you travelled
Your trail of heart unravels
I pass the clearing you made for when happiness was
So carry the sign
Just a thimble in your eye
And if they should ask
How you knew me...
Oh Shortie, you won
Something deeper has begun
There's no need to cry deep wide ocean
You're toeing a line
Something real or something divine
There's no need to choose
Can be both of them
To be right here, over there
Think and feel softest hair
You remind me of something yet to be lived
Oh, baby, I can't complain
For I love to watch you play
No, I could not contain it for my eyes
And a story
Of many graces you told me
And forever I will love you
For all time
Here I go yo,
Rockin' solo
I'll be around if you're low, though
Call me Anna, Poly-anna

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