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Four to the floor
Was the answer
Me on my knees
Like a dancer
Heartbreaker, you match me
You see the minds on the air
Call him mister vain
Fever, catch me
Four to the floor
In the state of the art
Our feet come down in pattern
And do you feel the rage?
I'm so glad you came
Oh, feelings are natural
When you're flying low over cities of love
Over cities of dreams, yeah
When you're watching the waves in country towns
That are amazing
When you get in the vibe
When you're moving inside
When you know what I mean, yeah
When you getting the vibe
When you're moving inside
And, oh, let it go
What you know
What they say
Fall in love with the world over again
Eating alone and in tribes tastes amazing
Eating alone, watch it grow

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