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Nice Day (ft. Anabel Englund) - text

[Verse 1]
Please take me home, please take me away,
Please make me safe, please save our love,
My saving grace, my comfort place,
My only chance, my only sun,
It's been dark for so long, my lost friend,
The only thing that can save me is a song.
I've been dumb, I act young
I act free when actually it hurts you.
I'm so sorry, I'm so selfish, so untrue
I swear I'm changing,
Come summer I'll be shining.
I know I've got the worst timing,
This time I'm really not lying,
Please believe, Baby I'm trying

[Hook: Anabel Englund & Jez Dior]
I don't want to end this right here,
Maybe you can spend the night dear,
Please don't let this vibe disappear,
You make me feel alive it's so clear.
Stay here, Cause I need you now,
And it's so clear, that I breath you.
It's a nice day for a white wedding
It's a nice, nice day
It's a nice day for a white, white wedding
It's a nice, nice day

[Verse 2]
I know you've seen my potential, Baby you see it all,
But I know that you're scared, I'll be the reason that you fall.
Fall down, who you gonna call now?
Put him right here to pick you up and ball out
One time for the city that raised me,
One time for this girl I loved crazy.
Oh Baby, My lady,
Sun out and we act lazy,
By the pool in the summer when it come (yeah).
One time for the place that plays me,
What it place depend when we young still,
Rooftop this shit is so unreal,
Looking over the edge with you, before I get in bed with you (It's all love).

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