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Love Me To Death - text

[Verse 1]
The show lights are bright, we keep that dark shit backstage
We make it all seem alright cause we're of that age
Its tons of ash trays, and tons of smoking carts
Tons of pain, I sliced my skin on a broken heart
But its all for art, its all for bad religion
Its all for 3 second highs like its badminton
Its all for bathrooms and hidden flasks and bags
Its all for good girls who love the way we're acting bad
What doesn't kill us has hardly made us stronger
And ever single hour that passes is feeling longer
The hour glass is pouring the grains are getting smaller
The drinks are coming quicker, now I'm staring at all ya
All of ya, I'll give you all of me
Smoke clouds above us looking like an Autumn tree
That's pretty colors, but black thoughts
Your hazel eyes, bloodshot
This Les Paul, your music notes
You never ever ever know when we're using though
Just feel my skin, lick the ink
Feel the high, and kill the drink

Oo girl, let me smell that sweet whiskey breath
Then throw me on the bed, and love me to death
Oo girl, how I love this sweet sexy mess
Then throw me on the bed, and love me to death
(Love me to death, love love me to death x3)
Love me to death, me to death, me to death

[Verse 2]
How ya feel, really how ya feel
That's the motto when you're taking all those pills for real
You need to slow down, life like a time lapse
All the drugs got us running while the time past
And don't ever try to tell me that I fucking need help
Ever since that I was young I lived my life without a seat belt
In the middle of the ocean, while y'all was picking up seashells
And I'm still the same way but I ain't giving out no details
The way I live, I always see hell
Doubt I'm at the gates by the time my fucking feet fail
California born but raised by a single female
And the way that I've been surfing guess I never got your email
Told me to stop, but I'll never do it
All I needed was "I love you" swear I never knew it
Never felt the joy after all this pain, and all the pain killers washed away in all this rain
And all the rain seemed to fall down in one spot
Why am I the only one getting wet when we're all on top
Well here it goes, another shot
Maybe this one will get me to where my heart stops

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