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The music of the breeze played by the trees
A crazy kind of rhythm
Watch the dancing of the leaves

Branches like fingers
And they're strumming away
The wind like a harp
That's what the trees like to play

Let's have a play day
An anything-you-say day
What do you say, maybe?
We have a dance away the day, day
We're gonna dance
We're gonna dance
We're gonna dance!

My cat can't talk
But he makes music when he walks
With a pitter pat
The horse goes clickity clack

The car horn beeps
Like a symphony
The tractors rattle and hum
I play the pots like drums

Crickets have a talent
And they play quite well
Violins so small
They squeak for us all

Yeah, well I can dance to anything
The breeze in the trees
The the pitter pat of the cat
The waltz of the horse at it goes clickity clack
The car horns that beeps
The tractor rattles and hums
I play the pots like drums
With the crickets as they play
Their tiny violins all day

[Chorus X2]

La La La...
Boogie woogie woogie
Boogie woogie
La La La...

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