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Do you know, what would be good, right here?
Some yellow.
A touch of humility, an original sin or two, from you.
Half the math, double the myth, they told you to.
No aftertaste, no residue, chop chop you're through.

Our good, order taker, has what it takes to make it.
It's up to you.
Unflinching trigger finger, coffee fetcher to the letter.
To see it through.

Riddles don't, stupefy, because, at the moment.
We want to not know you, to better know you, don't, be so German.
Pick it up, prick up, the usual amount.
No fingerprints, no proper names, our finest scotch to wash it down.

Good French collaborator, we heard you make great waiters.
Make us proud.
No job too small or messy, you're like a feeling pleaser.
We'll keep you around.

Daughters of the revolution, you're freezing in your furs.
Well-heeled atrocity show, the finishing school is done.
The appropriate responses are wrong, for once in your life, man, just think.
Unemployed war heroes, hating this peace time, much.
That's right.
That's right, these things come back to you.

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