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One day he'll walk from out of this place.
You'll see a quiet determination on his face.
He'll toe no lines. Suffer no fools.
But he'll raise three cheers to the losing team
from the other school.
A little dedication. A little pair of daddy's shoes to fill.
Compleat education. One day he'll be a man of principle.
And the battle's on. And he'll play to win.
Feel the blue blood rushing quick beneath his skin.
And grim they stand. And hard they fall.
Harder still, when their backs are up against the wall.
Gonna get your attention. But he's carrying his cross
to the other hill.
With divine intervention, he can be a man of principle.
In the evening light, with a fairground girl
he stops himself as his head begins to whirl.
And he walks her home. And there's a kiss goodbye.
She feels a chill as she looks him in the eye.
Well, there's a time and a place now
and it's not tonight she'll bend his will.
Slow realizationshe's looking at a man of principle.
Hung from the highest station by his old school tie
undressed to kill
He could be a real sensation. But he's a man of principle.

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