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I keep my head upon the ground,
Where my feet were,
Well that's where I was found,
Shortly after you disposed of the only thing,
That really kept me sane,
Now I go dancing in the rain

And the clocks still tick but I don't hear them,
It's only wasted time if your body's not with mine,
I try to tell myself "It's only a phase and you'll grow out of it."
But that's bullshit

Well I will find myself

And the hungry bird of prey,
Keeps on circling, Over where I lay,
To feed on scraps and gristle,
Yeah that's all that's left of me,
Since you left me,
So give me a lobotomy

And I will find myself

And the Holy water burns as expected,
The lessons I have learned,
Mean the future will be blind,
If I keep these demons in my mind,
But I can't resist,
I need a psychoanalyst

And I will find myself

I keep my head upon the ground...

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