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Nobody Like Me - text

There's nobody like me for you,
Nobody gonna do what I do

Girls like you are what made me,
So I'll start by saying baby,
If you think you're gonna shape me
Well you really really betta forget it

But I think you're a super cutie,
And I gotta do my duty,
If I don't get my hands on your booty
Well I'm really really gonna regret it

(Ooh, damn funky, Rich Girl)
So you think you're something special do you?
(Ooh, damn funky, Hot Girl)
Well you know I think so too
(Ooh, damn funky, My Girl)
And I've got something better for you,
So much better than you're used to

(Repeat Chorus)

I see you out with other boys
With their flash cars and fancy toys
And they're all drinking and making noise
While I'm working on a better tomorrow

And when I get you in my bed
I'll be teaching things you ain't ever read
Getting freaky with your body, getting fresh with your head
And you really really better believe it

(Ooh, damn funky, Rich Girl)
And I'll show you something special tonight
(Ooh, damn funky, Hot Girl)
Anything you want I'll do
(Ooh, damn funky, My Girl)
Cos I've got something better for you baby,
So much better than you're used to

(Repeat Chorus)

A body like yours should not be legal,
A booty looking so good must be evil,
I promise you I'll work it for you till the morning comes
I gotta get to know you from the inside,
I'll teach you all the tricks during our first love ride,
I gotta get wit'chu, I gotta really really getcha

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah. You think you're gonna find somebody like me
I hope you've got some time on your hands
You're gonna need it baby…

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