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Guardian Angel - text

I can almost see a way to make things right,
My philosophy has always been to shine so bright that I become the light,
And though I've tried so hard to keep myself from the harbour of your arms I'm coming back,
And nothing you can do will make me stray

And I will watch over you, baby that's what I'll do,
I'll keep you safe from danger,
And I will watch over you, like a cloud in the blue,
I'll be your guardian angel

If I had time to sit and play these silly games,
Like the whole human race seem to do,
I would surely become too mortal,
And life would keep me away from you, away from you,
Yes it's true, I would be too far gone

And so the only way that I can exist,
Is to live this sudden life with a twist,
I don't wanna live life pay-per-view,
So baby all I can do is watch over you


Girl we gotta raise this love up from the gutter,
There ain't no time to waste, not even time to st-st-stutter,
Back at my crib we can relax and that's a fact,
Raise my flag, hoisted to the max,
Freak your body till the early morning light,
I can see it in your eyes, you won't put up a fight,
But the only thing that matters to me is knowing that you'll always happy


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