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Goodnight, Central Park - text


You were getting tired
I was lying beside you
With your head without a pillow
I would have given you mine
But I couldn't let you go
I could tell you we're dreaming
And I know it couldn't be about me
'Cause you don't know me

And I bought a dozen flowers
Eleven were roses
And the other one was a daisy
And I was thinking about it
And giving them to you
But I thought of a way to get closer to you
So I came over and knocked on your door
But you, weren't home 'cause
You don't know how and ooh
And ooh, and ooh, and ohh
And I, and I, and I, am tired

When we walk through the park
And the autumn around us could almost numb our hands
There's something about you I can't seem to see
'Cause I've been waiting around for a moment like this
It's a moment I thought that I'd never miss
But noticed this, 'cause I don't know you
and ooh, and ooh, and ohh
And I, and I, and I, am tired

And I don't want to say goodnight
'Cause I'm not tired like you
No, I'm not tired like you [x3]

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