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You say you ain’t never met a man quite like me
And you gonna love me for the rest of your life
You even talkin’ bout startin’ a family
Settlin’ down and becomin’ my little wife

Well I’ve been fed that line before
And I can’t digest that kinda talk anymore
You guessed it honey I’m tellin’ you bye bye bye
Cause I’m just a little bit woman shy

The last three women I cared anything about
They all lied to me and told me the same old thing
With one I made a whole lot of plans
Hired a preacher rented a church and bought a big ole diamond ring

But I got to the church what did I find
She’s made off with preacher and that diamond ring of mine
Well that’s one reason why
This old boy’s still a little bit woman shy

Mhm I’m a woman shy woman shy
I’d like to fall in love but I’m afraid to try
Cause I’m a woman shy woman shy
Everone I ever love told me a lie

But honey you’ve done wonders for my vanity
And your sweet love has soothed my manly pride
A gal like you could make me lose my sanity
If you’d just half way give it a try

So I better run cause it’s plain to see
I hang around here you’ll get your hooks into me
But if I ever marry you’re the one I’m gonna try
But right now I’m just a little bit woman shy

Yes I’m a woman shy woman shy
I’m just a little bit woman shy mhm yeah

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The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed

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