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Take It Easy (In Your Mind) - text


Well you wake up in the morning and your hands are shakin' and your nerves are all uptight
Your back is sore and your head's a splittin' cause you ain't slept all night
You stumble to the kitchen, you light that cigarette sit around and hack and cough
Finish your coffee kiss your pretty little wife and you're off

Honey you gotta rush off down to the office after all you're a big ole wheel
And all that wheelin' and all that dealin' is the biggest reason why you're ill
Cause the boss gets mad when business is bad and the pressure never seems to stop
If you ain't careful you're gonna blow your top

So take it easy in your mind
Just take it easy and you will find
That you'll live longer brother you'll get further down the line
If you'll just take it easy in your mind
Take it easy and take it slow
Enjoy the good life it's yours you know
Well every cloud is silver-lined and you can make your own sunshine
If you'll just take it easy in your mind

(Take it easy in your mind take it easy in your mind)

Well your next door neighbors went and bought a new car one of them great big shiny ones
So you run downtown get one that's bigger cause you ain't about to be out-done
It's called Keeping Up With The Jones's that's the little game you play
Well there's another bill son you don't know how you're gonna pay

You can't explain them headaches and big old bags underneath your eyes
So you pay thirty-five dollars an hour to get yourself psychoanalyzed
You lay there and tell that doctor how your head's all in a mess
And what he tells you will sound something like this

Just take it easy in your mind....

C'mon c'mon
(Take it easy in your mind)
You better
(Take it easy in your mind)
Just take it easy in your mind
Just take it easy and you'll find

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