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Real Women Drink Beer - text

After years of confusion
It's clear there's no more delusion
It's here my conclusion
I like girls with cans or bottles in their hands
Ain't scared to pop a top with me

Real women drink beer
And get country crazy
That denim on their rear
Fits just right to me
So sip your red wine or any turpentine
But that won't go around here
Real women drink beer

Other kinds of liquid pollution
And the mends
It's like a mental institution
So I find my solution
Is blond, dark or red next to my friend
Have some two-for-one fun you'll see

[Repeat Chorus]

SO fellas next time you're at the beer store
Just think about her rack
When she opens that refrigerator door and sees
An extra six-pack

[Repeat Chorus]

Real women drink beer
Real women drink beer
Real women drink beer

Text přidal Moonblade

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