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Yesterday's Glory - text


You think you know all about our subculture’s history
You like to talk about how things used to be
Before our scene went into decline
You think there’s something seriously wrong with our times

(Chorus) But don’t you tell me about the glory of yesterday
And what needs to be changed
Don’t you tell me how things ain’t the same
Because I’m busy living for today

You say you remember when skinheads were proud
And when bands weren’t afraid to play loud
But I don’t even think you know
‘Cause I’ve never even seen you at a show


And I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve
‘Cause you ain’t earning none of my sympathy
So what if you’re too old to have fun?
You don’t have to ruin it for the rest of us
And you ain’t getting none of my praise
‘Cause I’m still busy living out my glory days

Text přidala SteffiOi

Video přidal corron

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